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What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial intelligence is already making our lives easier and a lot of ways today whether it’s the voice assistant on our smart phones perfect product suggestions in an online shop or predictive maintenance of trained but what really is artificial intelligence artificial intelligence is nothing but software so it automatically gathers and analyzes data and we’ll already familiar with that for example from our Facebook newsfeed which adjusts automatically to our interest the algorithm takes flood of data filter out what’s most likely to interest us and just play it for us at the top of the page but that’s not the end of it the next steps is nothing less than mimicking the human brain with computers in other words machines learn to think and act as we humans do the prerequisite for that will be the Internet of Things meaning that all machines are networked together and produce data that will yield a valve quantity of data that will have to be analyzed it will take immense computer capacity to make that possible and that kind of capacity has not been available until now but as more and more powerful computers are developed artificial intelligence is making great strides machines are actually beginning to learn here’s one example go master Lisa doll was defeated in 2016 by google’s alphago software program up to that time the chinese board game has been thought to be too complicated for machines to play for using artificial neural networks imitating human thoughts through algorithms led to breakthrough alphago can now not only analyze data to learn on its own the system’s played millions of games against itself and analyzed those games that knowledge like alphago always keep a step ahead of a human opponent the program was able to calculate 57 percent of all of the dogs moves in advance and South beats the world champion artificial intelligence is also on the march in business the potential is huge activities that work and pattern actions can potentially also be taken over by artificial intelligence comprehensive automation industry is expected to bring tremendous increases in efficiency for example in production corporate consultant extension projects that by 2035 the use of artificial intelligence will help the economy in the United States grow four point six percent a year compared to the base scenario which projects growth rate of only two point six percent a year Nieman’s has recognized this potential and it’s mine sphere has laid the foundation for using artificial intelligence and industry mine sphere is a cloud-based open IOT operating system like android for your smartphone but for industry the system networks existing installations from different manufacturers through the cloud and that makes it possible to gather and analyze data for example in order to constantly optimize the operation of a gas turbine but what will happen to our jobs when robots take over as our colleagues in order for us to benefit from artificial intelligence government business and society will have to organize the necessary changes together because experts agree over the next 20 years artificial intelligence will fundamentally change our economy and our way of working

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