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This Is the End of the Silicon Chip, Here’s What’s Next

Electronics keep getting smaller, and it’s all thanks to electric switches called transistors. When these little fellas replaced vacuum tubes, computers went from the size of entire rooms to merely the corner of a room. In the 60-odd years since, transistors have kept shrinking, scaling down and powering up our …

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Retail Pro Testimonial – Modern PC

>> Hi. >> How may I help you today? >> So, my son is trying to convince me that I need a new laptop because mine feel slow. So, I thought I’d check out what you have. >> How old is your computer? >> I got it four years ago, …

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Using an Android phone as your home computer

It’s quite common to see a laptop connected up to a monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse and being used like a desktop computer and instead of using one of these what if we use one of these can it be used like a desktop computer? Lets find out… First …

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5 of the Worst Computer Viruses Ever

This episode of SciShow might make you a little paranoid about computer viruses and internet security. But that’s probably a good thing. When we talk about a computer virus, we usually mean any kind of code that’s designed to do harm and spread itself to more computers. They’re created by …

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How to send an ‘E mail’ – Database – 1984

Jane Ashton: With the assistance of the outside broadcast unit, we will be linking from the Database Studio to their home. Pat Green and Julian, welcome to Database. Pat Green and Julian Green: Hello Jane. Jane Ashton: Hi Julian. I see you have your computer linked to the telephone line. …

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The new supercomputer behind the US nuclear arsenal

(quiet electronic tune) – This is the second most powerful supercomputer on the planet. It is 7000 square feet of racks, wires, and blinking lights. It has a few hundred thousand times more punch than your laptop. Its name is Sierra. (computer music) The computer is housed at the Lawrence …

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