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Retail Pro Testimonial – Modern PC

>> Hi. >> How may I help you today? >> So, my son is trying to convince me that I need a new laptop because mine feel slow. So, I thought I’d check out what you have. >> How old is your computer? >> I got it four years ago, maybe five. >> Check this one out. You can see that computers have gotten a lot thinner and lighter in the last few years. >> Oh, yeah this is much smaller than the one I have at home. >> It’s super quick. It has a fast processor and a solid-state drive, which makes it smaller and more durable. >> Nice. It doesn’t look like there’s a CD drive and wouldn’t I need that? >> You can actually download or stream almost everything online. >> Okay. >> Can you tell me a little bit about how you use your PC? >> Well, I use it to check my email, I shop online, and oh, I’ve been learning how to edit my photos. >> Well, with this one, you can surf the web quickly, and you’re mail and photo apps are built-in. >> Oh, that’s great. >> For editing your photos, you can zoom in and out with touch. >> Oh, wow yeah.

I do that a lot of my phone. Are these really expensive? >> No, there are tons of affordable PCs with these features included. >> Thank you for the info. >> Your welcome. .

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