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Hello oh hello there hi everybody this is mr. Duncan very late on a Wednesday evening it is now coming up to 1015 at night yes don’t worry there isn’t anything wrong with your calendar or clock it is Wednesday and it is very late at night or maybe early in the morning where you are who knows so it’s mr. Duncan that’s me as promised last Sunday I did say that I would be here again on Wednesday to let you know what’s happening with the computer because I’ve been so busy over the past few days trying to sort all of the problems out with my old computer but sadly it looks as if I’m going to have to buy a new one in fact that is what I am going to do so I can give you some updates now on what is happening I have decided to buy a new computer it will be arriving fingers crossed it will be arriving sometime next week maybe early next week as you may know I won’t be here on the 1508 teenth of February I won’t be here on the 18th of February for various reasons I have a lot going on during February it’s a very busy month in fact so I do apologize for not being on on the 18th of February so make a note of that but of course I will be on this coming Sunday I will be on at the normal time of 2 o’clock UK time on Sunday but for now I am here live are you surprised to see me is it a nice surprise that’s the important thing of course because sometimes you can have surprises that are not very nice and sometimes a surprise can be nice and pleasant so I hope this one is very pleasant would you like to see my new computer would you like to see a photograph of it okay then just behind me I have some things prepared so here it is this is what my new computer will look like and this is this is not the actual computer this is just the actual case so this is just the box that all of the bits will be inside okay can you see it there it is so there is my new computer that is just the box that it will come in so that’s just empty and of course I have ordered lots of things to go inside the computer so it will work of course I won’t be building it myself I was going to have a go at building the computer on my own but I decided to change my mind because I thought well if I get into any difficulties I might find that I have no one to turn to so I didn’t want to do that also it can be a very expensive game building your own computer so I decided to get in touch with someone and they will be building it for me I have customized all of the parts inside so the new computer should run very well indeed it is a very high specification computer so I’m hoping it will work well we have some live chatters oh hello there thanks for joining me if you have just clicked on my thumbnail thank you very much for that that’s very kind of you Wow such a surprise thank you very much I’m glad it was a nice surprise and not a horrible surprise home made new computer no arid ass I’m not building it myself I’ve decided to to get a professional company to build it Abdullah says I am sleeping now why are you studying at this moment well I suppose you could say that this is an English lesson because I am using English but I’m also letting you know about what is happening with the equipment that I use to make my video lessons and of course to send my live streams out to you Alice is here hello Alice watching in Russia I was watching some videos when I saw the notification about the live chat it is well now it’s in the morning in Russia wow it’s already tomorrow in Russia good evening mr.

Duncan we’re with you whatever in the morning or in the afternoon chiheb hello it’s your hair but thanks for joining me on the live chat it’s so nice to see so many people here I think I have a strange feeling that mr. Steve has just arrived as well because he’s been out tonight and I’ve been on for about 10 minutes so it looks as if mr. Steve is very early returning from his rehearsal tonight so he’s just behind me I’m in the car driving in Korea well I hope you don’t career off the road it doesn’t sound very safe I hope you’re not driving the actual car I hope you’re watching in the passion does passioned your seat I like your English Thank You Samia you’re very kind thank you very much for that I was supposed to come on at 10 o’clock but I had a few problems tonight with other things I don’t know what it is about this month so far I’ve had lots and lots of problems I was asked if I have recovered from my cold well fortunately it wasn’t a cold last Sunday I thought maybe I had the start of a cold or fever but fortunately it hasn’t happened but where is mr. Steve where is he Oh darbie is here hello Darby ah mr.

Steve is here as well hello miss let me sue hello mr. Steve hello mr. Duncan how was your how was your rehearsal tonight oh it was great is it going yes it’s going well yes we’re doing too much on the sitting in the seats I think I’ve got a bit hoarse oh I assume do too much talking tonight so mr. Steve has been using his voice a lot tonight he’s been singing so he’s feeling a little horse horse so we say when our voice is being stretched and used to us so if your voice is not working very well if you are losing your voice if your voice sounds like this we can say that you are feeling hoarse I don’t know why they say that I don’t mr. Duncan are you not sleepy it is late in Europe Thank You Luke has it is around about 25 past at night now so it’s not it’s not too late it’s not midnight yet mr.

Duncan and mr. Steve yes we are here I decided to come along and show you my new computer which hopefully will be arriving next week would you like to have another look you’ve been showing people your new computer I have there it is as a picture so that’s not the actual computer that’s just the case so that just gives you an idea of what it looks like I think it looks quite cool actually so that is just the the box the case and of course I had the computer and having it built from scratch but I’m not doing it myself Ted Duncan has been getting very excited I was very excited yesterday for two reasons one the computer hopefully will come next week and then I will have a little bit of time to play with it because there are lots of new things that I have to get used to using and of course I’m very excited because it means that I will be able to do many more live streams without worrying about whether or not the computer will break so that’s another good thing so I’m very happy for two reasons one the computer is coming and two I will be able to stream live more often hopefully the second one was going to be because I was back but that’s the third reason the third reason why I’m happy is because mr.

Steve is back I have to say that really I suppose so lots of people on the live chat what what’s the weather like in much Wenlock it’s about minus 1 degree centigrade so they’re right now so it’s very cold it’s one degree below zero so it’s very cold we’ve had some snow actually yesterday we had some snow and most of it has gone now but we had a little bit of snow yesterday so that was quite exciting it haven’t gone above freezing all day today nice to see you mr. Steven mr. Duncan Oh Bella Russia is here Belarus yeah well I can’t concentrate on everything because I’m looking at the live chat I’m holding a piece of paper like that of you and also ow mr.

Steve nearly gave me a paper cut then that’s very fancy or new computer it’s very fancy that’s just the box though so that’s the outside of it so yes I I’m having it custom-built we’ll be able to run the whole of Much Wenlock with this I think I will be able to stream to to not just the planet but maybe to outer space as well maybe to that that little Tesla car that’s now floating around the planet did you see that yesterday did you see that big rocket take off yesterday amazing wasn’t it exciting like something out of Thunderbirds it reminded me of the the spaceship from Star Wars do you know whence when Star Wars the first film at the beginning first of all the the big space cruiser goes across and then another spaceship goes across oh sorry no it’s the small ship first isn’t it the small spaceship and I think that spaceship looks a bit like the one that went off into space yesterday’s car is gone off course I heard on the news on the rollback what’s happened it’s it’s flying off towards an asteroid belt oh I see apparently so apparently Elon Musk’s Tesla sports car which was launched into space yesterday apparently is now floating away it’s not going on the course it was expecting to do it I go in towards an asteroid belt no doubt it will get pummeled by rocks and as you know there are no traffic lights in space well good I have here I have five pounds okay mr.

Steve I got that out mr. Steve has five pound in his pocket I don’t know why he’s telling us this it’s our new indestructible look you can’t you can’t break it five pound notes doctor and on the back on the back of the new five pound note it’s it’s Winston Churchill there he is Winston Churchill on the back of the new five pound note well that was very interesting thanks Steve for that can’t break them Carlos says Mr Duncan yes you can oh dear oh dear I’ve broken a five no I said that you’ve broken I think you’ve ripped it oh I think they said they were indestructible and not with your big fingers to get some sellotape on that problem is mr.

Steve has very big fingers and and he just tend to break things I’m gonna go and fix that man well they did a good job of that I wonder if I can get my money back for that hmm I don’t know anyway well one broken five-pound note that was broken it’s not broken you don’t break a note Malti you you rip your sponsee you tear or rip what comments are we getting it’s very hot in here by the way yes that’s because it’s it’s not outside it’s inside I’ve been inside I can see you live Oh for the first time I can see you live says Carlos who’s watching in Spain yes we are live at the moment at just coming up to half past on a Wednesday night so it is now official my new computer is on its way so hopefully next week it will arrive and then I will have a few days to play with it to get used to it so I can I can learn how to use it of course someone says that maybe that five pound note is fake yes maybe it’s fake that’s why it ripped ah maybe someone has given you a fake fire you’re not supposed to be able to break these new five pound note that doesn’t even feel that doesn’t feel like a real I think mr.

Steve’s got a fake five-pound note maybe it’s one of these ones it’s worth a million pounds some of them have got the caught so I’ve got some hieroglyphics and writing on it somewhere and if you get one of these rare ones you know that you know that’s not true you know that’s just a lie somebody put out that that’s fake that’s a fake one hello from Italy I like watching you at night says Ernesto Thank You Ernesto thank you very much a lot of people asking what the specifications are for the new computer I’ve got the specifications behind me the only problem is it might bore many people because not everyone is into computers so well one or two people are interested but I think I think the actual computers the computer jargon or computer specifications are not that interesting but anyway here we go 9 line yes yes top line top line Steve means just the the basic essentials we don’t need any details okay right if you say top line it just means give me a brief just just a memory yes just the bullet points the bullet points means just the important parts okay let’s have we have a look okay we’ve got the CPU which is the brain the central brain of the computer I have gone for an i7 8700 k-6 core processor core six core processor it’s probably easy if you just hold it up they say though is it and be very lazy I’m not even sure it’s do you see nothing comes out clear on the camera see hopefully when my new computer comes you’ll be able to see everything clearly I read and theatrical manner I’d rather know I could read it out like I was reading Shakespeare you’re not drunk again are you no I’ve no need to drink tonight no no no it’s okay the motherboard the motherboard is an Asus tough Z 370 plus gaming and that has all the whistles and bells it had lots of lots of lovely features I’ve gone for a very big memory 30 32 gigabytes of RAM that all mr.

Duncan 32 gigabytes is a lot of RAM the graphics Ram the graphics card annoying me repair your five-pound note because a lot of people are interested in this I don’t think they’re interested said they wouldn’t be no no some people some people but they don’t want to hear you interrupting me all the time I’m gonna go I’m gonna go see you later the graphics card now the graphics card is one of the most important things certainly for me because I will be using a lot of cameras so the graphics card needs to be very good so the graphics card I have gone for an Nvidia 11 gigabytes GeForce GTX 1080 Ti so that’s a very high specification for a graphics card I’ve also got a solid-state drive for the main drive 250 gigabytes and for the main storage I’ve got 4 terabytes of storage and that will be used to store all of my high-definition footage that I record for my lessons so I think that’s it really so I hope that helps for those who are still watching would you mind telling us the value of the new computer why why do you want to know that it’s let’s just say it’s very very expensive very expensive important is that you are happy with the new computer I think so yes the sympathy of mr.

Steve makes us all happy with his presence really I think mr. Steve has gone off upstairs to repair his 5-pound out because he just tore it in half I don’t know why what is your computer’s options I think I’ve already told you that it’s very high specification everything is very high will your new computer rip some threads yes it will it it is actually overclocked to around about 5 megahertz or just over so the actual processor has been overclocked which means it will run a lot faster than it should and of course the other thing to remember is if you you overclock your computer you have to make sure that it stays very cool as well please don’t scare us by telling us the price what is the worst thing you’ve ever done mister Kurn asks Eric the worst thing I’ve ever done I’m not sure I’ve done many silly things so maybe there are too many to mention do you have any new spring flowers in your garden asks Alice yes the flowers are slowly coming up because spring is on the way spring is coming very soon and some of the trees are also coming out into bird they are just starting to come out so yes I’m very very excited about that the value of your new computer everyone wants to know the price of the new computer let’s just say it’s quite expensive because it has to do a lot of things now I’m not going to tell you the actual price because it might seem as if I’m showing off but of course mr.

Steve has helped me buy the computer and also I had some lovely donations from you as well and of course I have also I’ve also made a donation as well so that should give you an idea of the price mr. Duncan Wow thank you very much it’s a very powerful machine also almost enthusiast grade part congratulations I’m sure you will be able to do much more with the production yes everything that’s going into the computer is very high specification we sometimes say high spec as well high spec Alaska is here hello Alaska thank you for joining me mr. Steve he’s back he’s back everyone wants you to come back Steve they’re all missing you no not really mr.

Steve thinks that I want him to go away of course not I could never do that everyone wants you to come back I’ve stopped talking about computers now so how are the birds in your garden Thank You Nicole oh hello Nicole thank you for watching the birds are okay at the moment they’re they’re very desperate because there isn’t much food around so at the moment the birds are getting very very desperate so there isn’t much food around but I am feeding the birds I’m putting food into the garden although having said that Steve I’ve almost ran out of food for the birds there’s almost none left you’ve been sprinkling it on the ground I noticed so that the birds if you can’t put it in the holders the special containers they’ve been sprinkled sprinkling it sprinkling it on the ground I have so the birds can come and take it from there and carry it off and go and eat it in the bushes but the problem is the birds keep eating it too quickly they just come down straightaway and eat all the food so that’s what I mean that the birds are very desperate for food at the moment I want I want to know what to look out means to look out well if you look out it can mean to to look out to search for some things so you might look out something you might look out for something that you you can’t find or maybe you look out to keep watch on what is happening around look out or maybe yes you can use it as a warning as well you can say look out it means danger is coming your way look out and when you’re on a golf course if you’re on a golf course I don’t play golf there’s a very common saying because people are whacking balls all over the place and you don’t want a golf ball to hit you on the head so that when when people strike the ball they always say when there’s a people around and there they cry out for don’t warn be nice a so when you hit the golf ball yeah called for why do you say that you say something you call outs unless you’re right actually yes yes I think it is but why what does it mean it warns people that there’s a there’s a fast-moving white ball in the air that if it hits your head will probably send you to hospital has anyone ever died from being hit by a golf ball yes they have really yeah being on the news I don’t like that yeah so golf courses can be very dangerous places because there are balls there are balls everywhere flying around yes at probably hundred miles an hour or something you don’t want one of those hitting you on the head apparently jaanu hello jaanu says hello mr.

Duncan is your computer faster than the Amstrad PC yes I think you’ll find it’s much faster very very fast I think maybe hmm I’m not sure if that’s sarcasm I’m not sure I can’t work out that still get Amstrad computers mr. Steve you should get a treat from mr. Duncan where would you like some chocolate Steve I’ve just remembered I’ve got a little bit of chocolate now mr. Steve has been very good today you’ve been very well behaved so just for that I’m going to let you have some chocolate would you like to see us share some chocolate we’re going to share some chocolate I’m sorry I can’t share any with you because there isn’t enough to go round I’ve had actually two chocolate biscuits tonight I’ve had low I have tea at halftime oh I see so during the break during your rehearsal you had a cup of tea and two chocolate biscuits I did I did I didn’t I didn’t know that just like they have a raffle as well to try and raise funds because we hire a hall to do the rehearsals in which costs money so in order to try and get that money back there we have to pay for the tea and coffee which is a pound and then they hold a raffle with a bottle of wine and that costs a pound as well so it cost you two pounds a week to go to this and I unfortunately didn’t win the raffle tonight there probably about 30 people there so there’s about a 1 in 30 chance I think I’ve only won it once in about 5 years and that would be for a nice bottle of wine assuming you drink we don’t really drink very much wine so it wouldn’t be much used to me really is me yeah a bit of a funny stomach so I don’t really like wine i prefer beer but even i don’t even drink much of that mr.

Duncan has gone off to get some chocolate and he said he’s going to share it but whether he will or not will remain to be seen there he is in the background what have you got there mr. Duncan is it a twirl bar yes I’ve got some chocolate because mr. steve has been so good and he’s he’s offered his time tonight of course for free what’s that over there mr. Duncan sir oh you you have to be quicker than that yes mr.

Steve tried to take the chocolate plane but look out ha ha ha it’s all mine all mine you can have it back I I live that shot then that shot of the light just coming down in your face I’ve got to get a screenshot of that that’s great you look you look like you’re coming out of out of hell or something I get ultimately ultimately taste if Steve actually gets chocolate I don’t know what you mean by that what is it mr. Duncan your accent is clearer than Steve yes well sometimes Steve speaks very quickly but sometimes he speaks slow up keep up yes you have to keep up but it’s a very good way of improving your listening because I I speak slightly slower and Steve your speed is a little faster so it’s a very good way of improving your listening skills you see mr.

Duncan slowing things down because he used to be a teacher whereas I’m speaking I used to be speed I used to be a I’m still I’m still a teaching hopper that way still doing no I meant when you were in your classes in in China oh I see you have been used to talking a bit so well of course you are used to talking slower now whereas I am just talking cuz I’m only the assistant I’m not a teacher so therefore I sometimes I’ll speak my words up and talk faster and faster faster steve is my trainee hey we’ve got someone watching in enunciate we have someone watching in Florida at the moment oh I bet it’s I bet it’s nice and Florida at the moment yeah I think it’s always nice in Florida and the beach I think it’s safe to say it’s always nice in Florida what’s going on with the stock markets by the way the Dow Jones is down yes it’s not the Dow Jones it’s the down Jones Dow Jones is yeah I’m making a joke there we don’t a crash all our pensions depend on it so yes I’m trying to say hello to someone who’s watching in Florida hello to Brendon Hasson hello Brendon thanks a nice name apparently Brendon likes the videos and can I say thank you from Florida Thank You Brendon you are more than welcome a big hello to all those watching in North America South America East America West America in fact everywhere please send us some nicer Florida sunshine clean to the UK oh yes we need some sunshine here it’s so cold at the moment it’s freezing veining that and all expenses paid trip to Florida would be very welcome oh I see sudeer says I am eating some chocolate so I will taste the same thing as you yes we have to eat some chocolates just a moment Oh mr.

Duncan’s going to unwrap the chocolate bar I’m going to unwrap there it is unwrapped to take the wrapping off something you unwrapped mr. Steve is starting to drool my saliva is flowing it’s not very easy to get into you’re not very strong this is one of the things that really gets on my nerves nowadays is is some packaging it’s very hard to open if you notice that it’s almost as if they don’t want you to get into it I’m doing I’m doing it as fast as I can mr.

Steve is so impatient right so let’s see what happens now if I it’s gonna go all over the floor I can see this happening if I squeeze the bottom something long and brown will come out oh the fires going that’s why it’s so hot in it there we go look at that can you see it are you gonna break that in half mr. Duncan half I think I will give you slightly less than half for interrupting me it crumbs on the carpet will you it’s alright don’t worry about it okay was that mine there we go we have some chocolate now so we will now sample the chocolate just to see how how nice it tastes because it might not be very nice who knows it’s a tough job but someone has to do it mmm is it nice sleeve it’s very nice mmm cover my mouth this particular chocolate bar is called twirl it swirl it’s very nice mr. Duncan of course this you bought this is a multi pack yes there were five of these but we’ve eaten four of them so this is the last one because we’re so greedy is are you sure that’s all the chocolate there is in the house mr.

Duncan is there any more anywhere and we’re all it’s Cadbury’s chocolate Cabras which some people think isn’t proper chocolate certainly across Europe they look at Cabras chocolate as being sort of rubbish junk chocolate because they’ve got their posh Belgian chocolates which are very nice of course I think isn’t capper is now owned by an American company it is now owned by a company called Kraft exactly Kraft they now own Cabras chocolate and I think since the takeover a lot of people have complained about the quality of Capra’s chocolate hmm oh we’ve got that is so nice isn’t it oh I need more chocolate now sometimes chocolate really does hit the spot if something hits the spot it means it just feels it just feels right it feels good that hits the spot that really does hit the spot mmm I’m almost choking here and that’s the trouble with chocolate it sticks in your throat and makes you go a bit hoarse does twhirl mean something yes twhirl means to turn around in a very graceful way so if I twirl I will do this twirl I twirl you twirl around so it means to spin or go round normally slowly of course you can twirl quickly as well clockwise or anticlockwise o’clock where clockwise or anti-clockwise is will it’s up to you really clockwise which is the way the clock goes I think that’s the wrong way around that’s the way the clock goes that way the problem is this is reversed you’re looking at the reversed image we’re saying that’s clockwise as you’re looking at it yes that’s clockwise because that’s it’s anti-clockwise so yes that’s that’s clockwise and that’s anti-clockwise I hope so anyway oh yes yes the way you’re looking at it I think it is yes I’m just checking on the screen just to make sure this is my first time and I’m really enjoying it thank you Cydia thank you very much and I hope you are enjoying your chocolate as much as we did that went down a treat we met we met our neighbors today didn’t we we’ve got some lovely new neighbors and we met them today and they were walking their dog and I was walking mr.

Steve so III have to take mr. Steve down the lane he yes he has to have a little you know a little poo in a wee by the tree at the bottom of the lane you my in telling people all about my personal habits so I was taking mr. Steve for a walk and we bumped into our next-door neighbors and they they asked us we had an invite to go to do some yoga yoga yoga can you believe that I’ve never in my whole life I’ve never never done yoga but but you are you are you’re a little bit into this aren’t you Steve because you like the meditation yes and the relaxation techniques yes yes I do yes so I have done a bit of yoga well I’ve done I haven’t done I like I can’t put me can you put your feet around the back of your neck I can put somebody else’s feet around the back of my neck what we can all do but that’s another story I should’ve I should have known that was coming but that is yoga isn’t it you’ve got to sort of stretch yourself in all sorts of different directions it’s supposed to be very relaxing I do the meditation sort of 15-20 minutes of just sort of you know zoning out clearing my mind of troubles that shouldn’t take very long you know I stress over all sorts of things I say to Steve empty your mind of everything and it’s just a couple of seconds it doesn’t take very long I’m going to walk off again in a minute if you’re going to be cruel I have to be careful I have to be careful mr.

Steve will group will flounce off I mean that kind of mood tonight I’ve heard it vanish I’ve heard that in the acting circles you are a bit of a diva a drama queen a diva yes mr. Steve thinks he’s like some some big famous actor I don’t at all I am renowned for being modest and not for causing problems and and being a diva that’s not what’s not what I’ve heard oh I would like to do yoga says lela lela yes I’m not all interested I’m not a very I’m not what I would yes I’m not really spiritual if I was honest I like to walk around I like to look at the trees I like to see the birds but I don’t feel anything sort of beyond that I just like to see the birds and the nature I enjoy it but I wouldn’t describe myself as a spiritual person ayah I don’t think I would ever do meditation or or yoga yes but it’s not yoga isn’t it doesn’t mean you have to be a Buddhist I know that but it’s just it’s a form of system yes but I think also they have to get spiritual but it isn’t about body is it it’s also about mind as well yeah but it’s just about calming your mind down because we’ve all got this constant inner chatter going on this dialogue in our heads and what yoga and meditation does is just it’s not pressing a reset button on a computer it just settles your mind down into an interval like it’s like a Mill Pond like a like a a piece of water like a lake that’s completely calm and still without any ripples and so you come out of it feeling wonderful so it has great benefits without you having to get into the religious side of things I sleep when did you know Yoga is interesting because many churches in the UK won’t often have holes attached to the church halls Hall was like a room okay attached to the church which they hire out for various things but quite often the the church will not let the hall be hideout to do yoga because they see it as a bit of a they do see it like it’s some kind of other religion oh I see well it well it is connected though isn’t it it’s connected to it it’s connected to Buddhism that’s it so uh actually I I kind of agree with them if they don’t like it if they think it interferes with their religion then then why not but what does yoga mean I think yoga means none bottom numb because because you’re sitting there for all that time I’m sure your bum must become very numb you get into all sorts of positions imagine the benefits of being able to contort yourself look I have him any position I have difficulty just standing up first thing in the morning to be honest he’s not very flexible whereas I I’m been D you know you can put me in any position there’s no answer to that I’m not saying anything flexible yes you’re very flexible and bendy yes that’s what I’ve heard when you get older you need your joints to be flexible not that I am old oh I’ve we lost we’ve got someone watching and it’s nearly it’s nearly two o’clock in the morning in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and someone is saying I have lectures it’s seven o’clock but I just want to stay here with you oh isn’t that nice but I don’t want to be responsible for your for your education or your you’re studying to fall back so please don’t blame me disclaimer disclaimer we are not responsible for people missing their lectures Tomic is here hello Tomic what time have you guys started live screen streaming or even live screaming screaming live screaming there is a bit of live screaming but that normally happens after we finish there’s a lot of screaming going on so no we started or I started at so I ran about quarter past actually I think it was about 10 past sorry 10 past 10 I started and I’ve forgotten you were on so when I came back I thought what’s mr.

Duncan jabbering away I think you’re hammering away Jabba but he’s talking to himself again I’m feeling a bit going a bit mad yes but I suddenly realised you were doing your live stream record god I thought I’ve got to come home I’m just gonna relax in front of the television maybe have a little drink or something and no I can’t I’ve got to be here working yes I it’s almost it’s almost 11 o’clock now yes so jabber if you jabber it means you talk endlessly well what would you say Steve if I told you that we’re not even live at the moment on YouTube and I’m just pretending to do this I’d punch you in the face okay then we are definitely live on YouTube at the moment where you can see there’s the live chat you say oh yes and here we are yeah you couldn’t fake all that you can’t fake this you see because there we i see there’s mr. steve and there is the live chat so just to prove that we are actually live on youtube so there we are okay that isn’t that magic so there we are on the phone and there we are in real time oh isn’t that nice it’s very exciting it’s very exciting well it made me excited anyway but who needs yoga when you have live streaming so I think I think my relaxation happens when I’m live-streaming so this is a kind of this is a kind of therapeutic form of thoughts your little outlet thought and relaxation so yes I enjoy this I think it’s very very therapeutic anything that takes your mind off of worries so if it’s yoga if it’s exercise some people like to exercise some people like to to do sports or social interaction is very good in fact that right that matter there’s a case in point today I’ve got a few problems at work today as we often do and I was feeling a bit sort of down about it a little bit upset we went outside we spoke to the neighbors and within 10 minutes I felt as right as rain social interaction is very good therapy but I think sometimes we like to think that particularly me I like to think that I don’t need much social interaction and but it’s very important I think isn’t it I want to burp so sorry I had a bit of a burp coming up then a little burp do you want me to do you want me to ther there come on come on get it up mr.

Duncan nobody Cooper what I’ll read you back to your birth come let no one can see what you’re doing well they can sort of see that’s what you do with a baby isn’t it you set it on its back when you want a baby to burp you you you you tap it on its back yes I know you do not that I really know okay that’s very good I don’t know what that looked like it must have looked very strain on a petite mr. Duncan oh thank you very much for that oh we’ve got quite a few people coming on who apparently haven’t been here Adams Adams saying says oh great mr. Duncan it’s been a long time yes Adams welcome back I haven’t seen you for a long time where have you been technology is amazing yes technology is fantastic and hopefully next week it will get even more amazing because my new computer is coming I’m so excited about that Oh God go out that day mr.

Duncan do you speak very much in your daily life yes I do when I’m talking to neighbors or when I’m talking on the phone or if I’m talking to mr. Steve I never listen no that’s true I’ve developed a way of just switching it off over the years in my country the electricity is going to be turned off says rabber Cordy why is that where are you with the my mind you I know yesterday there was some did you hear about the news some terrible news from Taiwan they had a terrible terrible earthquake and did you see the pictures of that hotel that whole hotel fell and then toppled over and so and so this hotel is now leaning at this very awkward and dare I say it precarious angle so can I just say hello to anyone watching in Taiwan my thoughts are with you and of course I have a friend who lives in Taiwan as well he’d so yes very very dramatic pictures coming from Taiwan yesterday I didn’t yes it was it was featured a lot on the internet a lot of photographs were coming out of Taiwan yesterday my son has is joining us now mr.

Duncan he he does except he doesn’t he does except to go to sleep oh he doesn’t he doesn’t want to go to sleep oh I see so your son does not want to go to sleep because now he heard my voice oh my goodness well if you leave my voice on maybe he will go to sleep because apparently some people say that my voice makes people want to to go to sleep you see that’s why Oh have you got any financial experts out there tonight because also it’s tonight here I’d like to know what I should do with that we should do with the stock market at the moment does anyone care about the stock market because this time next week it will all be going back up again I’m not so sure this always happens every time sure this time people start to panic should we sell talking of shares and stock a lot of people have been talking about Bitcoin recently and all the crypto currencies now my computer you might not believe this but there is a connection between the price that I paid for my computer and crypto currencies okay can you think of what the connection might be there is a connection I will tell you in a moment mr.

Duncan can you please say good night to my wife Carla asks Ernesto good night Carla good night have a sweet dream dream of something nice and then tomorrow morning you will wake up fully refreshed so have a nice rest and a sweet dream Carla night-night don’t let the bedbugs bite don’t let the bed bug Speight have you ever had an earthquake in your country or in your life I’ve never experienced a serious earthquake but now and again here in the UK we do have little bigamous tremors so it isn’t really an earthquake it’s just when the the ground moves slightly but you can feel it but it isn’t serious so we have little earth tremors tremors yes where nothing that was not on an active earthquake zone yes so fortunately where we are we we don’t really ever have earthquakes yes yes and and many parts of Europe certainly southern Europe a lot of them that they sit on these these fault lines so it’s where it’s where different pieces of land meet and sometimes they they shift and when they shift you get an earthquake but tonic plate tectonic plates yes the big pieces of land it it squeezed together and there’s lots and lots of pressure behind this and now and again you it will move and when it moves you get an earthquake but fortunately where we are the United Kingdom doesn’t sit on any any major fault lines that’s it it’s actually interesting if you look back over millions and millions of years all the land masses were all all together they were all coalesced together and over the millions of years because of the tectonic plates moving we’ve all moved gradually apart yes well when you think about it hundred million years ago where we are standing now here was actually where Australia is now can you believe it and also it was underwater yeah so so where I’m standing now around about – maybe a couple of hundred million years ago this was actually the bottom of the sea where I’m standing now and this place was where Australia Ares now it’s incredible but it’s true thank you for your good job says car lead thank you very much good night mr.

Duncan thank you very much a lot of people now are going to bed apparently cydia says bitcoins are like girlfriends they often get you into trouble I think so yes that the value of bitcoins has been dropping quite dramatically hasn’t it over the last a few weeks yes well of course many people have been buying it because they think that they will miss out they but they think that they will lose out but now of course people are realising that it is just a big bubble it isn’t real but the thing I was going to say I was I was trying to choose some some parts to go into my computer and apparently because many people are now are trying to find bitcoins they call it mining mining but to do this you need lots of computers and also these computers have to be quite powerful and what people have been doing they’ve been buying lots of computer parts processors but most of all graphics cards so the graphics cards have been bought by many of these people that are mining for cryptocurrency and also Bitcoin because that is one of them that what you’re going to be doing with your new computer I’m not going to be indefinite I’m definitely not going to be doing that but apparently it’s put the price of all of these components up so that’s why a lot of the things for computers now have become very expensive and this is because of all these people trying to to search for bitcoins crypto currencies on the internet you need lots of computers to do it that I don’t quite know how it works apparently they could they call it mining I don’t know I don’t know how it works I don’t but there’s a lot of people Richard Branson being one of them who were very keen on promoting crypto currencies because they want to find a way of breaking out of their financial systems that have been around for hundreds of years in the Western world dominated by stock markets in big banks and they want to find a way of using these crypto currencies to to get out of this system that we’ve been using for many many years well already it’s hit a problem because some of the banks here in the UK have now banned the use of credit cards so some of the big banks here in the UK have now said you can’t use our money that is the bank’s money to buy crypto currencies so they’ve actually banned that so you can’t use your credit card to buy bitcoins because then if you do that then that is the bank’s money that you are using and there is a pretty good chance that everything will eventually crash and then the bank will be left with a lot of money that the other person owes them so they’ve banned it I read a news story yesterday and whether it was fake news or not that Richard Branson had brought a huge stake in Bitcoin no no it’s it’s not true is it fake news yes it’s another one of these things but I think what a lot of people are doing now they’re trying to reap they’re trying to re-inflate the bubble they’re trying to get everyone interested again because interesting yes because the problem is people are starting to become very aware of the fact that well maybe it isn’t such a good idea to invest in cryptocurrency what so you’ve heard you’ve heard that this story was going around that it’s fake yes that no the story isn’t the story going around isn’t fake but the story that Richard Branson is now sitting on a big pile of bitcoins is is not true no that’s what I meant Multi billionaires are not buying bitcoins because if they were they would have them all by now wouldn’t they they would be controlling them but they don’t because it was a fake I thought it was fake news story I was reading Donald Trump’s right there are so much fake news out there there is a lot of trust there is a lot of fake news but I think fake news has always existed it’s just become very trendy to talk about fake news but if you look back over the years you you will notice that there have been lots and lots of things that have been covered up or or stories that have been reported that later turn out to be untrue so yes during the fifties there are many many many fake stories many things that were were said in the news to get people worried about certain situations a good example being the Cold War of course between the the west and Russia so I remember way back when all sorts of stories were being reported about what’s happening in Russia and later it turned out that many of these stories were not in fact true so you might say that there is a kind of history repeating itself at the moment yes who do you trust well you trust yourself first of all that’s who I trust so always trust yourself and what I always say is look at both sides of every argument so if there is an argument if there is a debate look at both sides don’t just take one side blindly and that’s what I tend to do so I like watching all sorts of different news channels so I watch the BBC I also watch Russian news and also I watch al Jazeera which tends to concentrate on stories from the Middle East so I tend to watch news from many different sources and I get my news from different places and then I make up my own mind as to what how or how genuine it is it’s all bias a lot of it if there are there are definitely biases with news reporting and what you’re reading the paper you’ve got to realise that the the primary primary responsibility of a newspaper editor is to sell papers so that is his prime motivator so sometimes that the stories they put in there will be not necessarily a hundred percent true but there will be designed to sell newspapers yes and and of course these days these days newspapers are finding it very hard to get noticed because the sales of newspapers has has plummeted it’s gone down a lot over the past five six years in fact at our local shop here in Much Wenlock there is one particular newspaper very popular in this country and they always try to give it to us for free so they are so desperate now to get people to read their newspapers that they actually offer to give it to you for free now you’re supposed to pay for it but they say would you like a free newspaper and and we always say no thank you because the newspaper is is not a very nice newspaper that’s not this particular one not this particular newspaper so we we choose not to read it so we always have to have to very politely decline but it just shows how desperate the newspaper industry is because they’re even giving their newspapers away it’s amazing mr.

Duncan I am sooo keenya from Morocco I thank you for all that you do and I am fine to say that most of the Moroccan people follow your lessons thank you very much that’s very kind yes I know I do have a lot of people watching in Morocco that is true so the reason why I’m here tonight and of course mr. Steve has joined me as well is because my new computer is officially being built and hopefully next week it will be delivered mr. Steve he’s very excited yes now I’m pretty sure someone is going to ask mr. Duncan are you going to use your computer for playing games I don’t play computer games I I can’t remember the last time I played a computer game it must be fifteen 20 years ago since I played a computer game so now I’m not buying the computer to play computer games on so I’m not that kind of computer user although you could do it’s probably the most powerful computer in the known Western world it’s it I must say it’s probably out game anybody on the Internet it’s very up to date I mean wow I’m going to get a glass of water yes I mean the the the actual processor is in i7 8700 K and it’s got six cores 6 cores that’s a lot of threads for those who know about processors the more threads you have the the better the processor works and this will overclock up to 5 gigahertz wow that’s very fast and also I’m getting a nice graphics card as well hi Sue Cunha nice to meet you here with mr.

Duncan oh that’s nice Leela is saying hello to Sukanya I want to learn English says anise honest oh well you’ve come to the right place because this is where we all improve our English even me I think mining bitcoins consists of maintaining the Bitcoin ledger I don’t know what that means I wish I understood bitcoins because they’re they’re invisible they don’t really exist but yet they do exist yes you’re investing in something that basically doesn’t exist it’s a bit like this image the thing you’re watching now it’s very strange this the thing you are watching now doesn’t really exist yet it does exist well we exist we’re not like Bitcoin yes yes we exist but does this picture exist just the image exists uh-huh how do you mean well is it real it’s just electronic blips it’s just electronic signals it’s just lots of ones and zeros so is it real well I don’t want to think like that we are real we’re here we’re real definitely well maybe very often I am I’m not sure about Steve there is a theory isn’t that we don’t really exist we were in fact a supercomputer on an alien table somewhere and that we are in fact what they say is it in the future completely it will become so powerful that they will have infinite capabilities yes because they doesn’t the power of chips double every so many years yes computer processes computer processors are incredible now I mean the one that I’m getting next week in my computer is just incredibly so fast and of course the way you can store information storage on computers is just incredible you can have 10 15 or even 20 terabytes of information saved just on to want of one device it’s incredible like I find it all very exciting to be honest but they say eventually computers will be so powerful that they will have infinite calculating power which means that they can literally create anything there is one theory of the of our existence and in fact we don’t really exist we’re just a computer program that was invented millions of years ago and is still running oh I see so so we’re all just existing in a computer program exactly as such a powerful computer program that it can literally create reality no it’s true apparently that’s what will eventually happen just as eventually as processing power keeps intelligence of computers keeps going up eventually they will equal our intelligence and they have double treble and before you know it it’ll be like being on there on the set of a science fiction film on the set of a science fiction film yeah so they’ll be cameras and microphones everywhere well like being in a sign fish or just like being in the future I’m thinking about that famous firmware I’m just watchin Egger goes back in time go on you can do it no tell me no you do it go on he’s being very mean Total Recall no well that’s one of will he does he does do something in Total Recall no he’s easy the robot is indeed yes that will that be terminated terminated that’s what I think how can you not remember terminator you couldn’t I could I could but I just got the wrong movie but you couldn’t remember Terminator he mean to me tonight Obi birth something’s happened something’s gone wrong I don’t know what it is something’s happened he’s a bit tetchy tonight hostility hasta la vista baby he’s all it’s something and he’s sending it back to Amazon so obviously something’s gone I am uh I had something delivered today from Amazon and it’s it’s it’s been broken into all the things inside a missing Wow yes so I’m sending it back what really yes somebody’s broken into it and taking all the things out Sony I had something delivered and the box has been opened and some of the some of the things inside the box have been stolen they’ve been taken so I’m sending it back but I’m getting a refund I’ve already written to Amazon and they’ve already promised a refund so that’s all sorted you something has happened but I was I was really annoyed I tell you this was a nice little path to go with the new computers yes it’s um it’s something I really need yeah exactly how I’m knowing thieves in our postal system money is a strange concept too because it’s it’s only a piece of paper well I I’m always fascinated by by how many came to be so how did we how did we get from just shuffling around and killing animals with Spears and living under trees how do we get from that point to actually having credit cards that you just wave in front of the cat shir and then all of your all of your things all of the things you’ve you’ve bought a paid-for instantly it’s amazing isn’t it so so really money doesn’t really exist money is nothing and yet it’s everything it’s a bit of a it’s a bit of a bit of a paradox when he came along we just used to write enough when money first came along but before it did we is just used to barter with each other car lid is going to bed I am enjoying I’m enjoying your you guys but I have to sleep ok Carly to have a nice coffee and stay up have a nice wrist I had a lovely right there I had a lovely message come through just a moment oh yes from mohamed al raya mr.

Duncan I’m very grateful because I followed your channel for quite a long period to prepare myself for the IELTS and guess what I scored eight wow that’s very good nice very good that’s your way up there yes very good so very soon I’ll be kicking kicking the dust in the UK yes I think so eight is a very good score anything over six point seven anything just below seven and over very good so eight is excellent well done is the picture of you more real than your reality well that’s it who knows who knows what is real I’m sure everyone will have enough information which one might which one might need to know so could we please skip this topic says Sudhir oh I see so Sudhir doesn’t want to hear about my new computer anymore okay no problem the generation of your can poke dear someone is someone is talking about the computer again the generation of your computer’s processor is generation eight says Rabia yes it’s true it’s the eighth generation of the the computer processor just to give you an idea of how old my old computer is my old computer processor is generation 1 it’s true it’s the first generation of the Intel i7 processors it’s the very first one that they produced very sleepy all of a sudden I think I’m I think I’m boring mr.

Steve so yes yes so my computer is very old but the new one coming next week is bang up to date I’m very excited Oly arvo says hello Charles of olavo from Brazil here hello Charles ill Brazil again Steve is a big fan of Brazil he really wants to go there I like the coffee yes didn’t we have this conversation last week we did Brazilian coffee I always go for that I said that last week it’s smooth Nicole Nicole asks would you like a house with a humanoid robot to assist you well I think I’ve already got I think I’ve already got one now that’s mr.

Steve I see you haven’t programmed me very well no all I can say all I can say it I think he needs a new floppy disk let me hard disks alright yes your hard disks ok but but your other disk is become very floppy so you know I need a bit of an upgrade I think you should do some yoga I need an upgrade maybe I need a new graphics card so so how long does it take to get good at Yoga how many lessons do you need before you get really good at it I think you need 3 to 6 months I would think before you could get good at Yoga they’d start with the old cross leg position I would think and I think you how do you add you you have to do that don’t you with your fingers this show is on that table can you you can’t do it can you demonstrate on the table no can you give us some simple move I don’t want an accident to be broadcast live around the come on mr.

Steve see that’s it that’s what you do mr. Steve does a lot of it yes and then you sit cross-legged and you you have your arms out I don’t like that we can’t see your legs you see that’s why you have to get on the table and I think mr. Steve should get on the table and show you exactly what’s needed when you when you do so I’m not getting on the tape so when you meditate what do you do what do you just lie down on the ground yeah well you can you can there’s various ways of meditating the traditional way is cross-legged with you with you with your your arms out like this with your elbows on your knees but you can that’s the traditional sort of Buddhist way but you can lie down on a bed you can sit in a chair the idea is you don’t want to go to sleep oh it’s so trying to get your brain in a very relaxed state of mind so you focus by doing this so you’ve got a lie on the bed but not go to sleep that’s very hard to do I mean well I mean the bed is there for you to sleep on so it’s so the temptation is to actually go to sleep yes lying on the bed isn’t the ideal place to do meditation you want to probably sit sitting upright in a chair or maybe in your front garden yeah you can do it anyway on the lawn you don’t want noise and then you need to in order to calm your mind down you need to focus on one little repeating thing so the common thing is just to you try to draw your attention towards your breathing or you can count I like to count or you can you can repeat a phrase over and over and you have to focus absolutely on this one task some people look at a candle flame and then eventually after 5 or 10 minutes your brain your mind will settle down can you can you concentrate on sheep right sheep jumping over it over a gate that’s what I do you see when I relax I watch sheep jumping over in games watch them for real out of the window there is really there is really no thinking whilst doing yoga Massey is no thinking you don’t think about anything how do you how do you get that out if your head there because I would find it very difficult because there’s always something on your mind isn’t there even even during the day when I relax I still have at least maybe two things going around my head but notes of what you do is you focus on your breathing or you count one two four I keep repeating this over and over again or you you have a chant like um something like that and you keep on and you just focus on that one little thing all the time and then that calms your mind down and then but your mind will wander so your thoughts of the day will come back in and then you just return back to your focus point which that the breathing or or counting or your mantra that you might repeat apparently some people are suggesting that you should teach yoga on YouTube oh I’m not sure I’m not sure if that’s a good idea right I could do meditation but uh yoga’s Yogi’s do all the different exercises I’m not very good at the exercises but I do know how to do meditation meditation yes it’s amazing actually I think many celebrities now they are getting into the the meditation they they find that the life of being a famous superstar is is quite stressful I know the feeling I really do so so yes maybe I should try it maybe can relieve my my stress of being on YouTube all the time and all of the stress that I’ve suffered over the past two or three weeks know you’ve suffered I’ve really suffered you you have no idea how much I suffer just so I can get onto YouTube yes I think the robots will come in the future because look at the rocket launch yesterday the rocket look it will be they will be we will have intelligent robots one day Falcon what was it Falcon Heavy the strange name isn’t it for a rocket Falcon heavy what about you should have just called it the Millennium Falcon that would have been really cool back to Star Wars Starwood it’s 1978 and last last weekend by the way I made a mistake I said that the new Star Wars film was next year but in fact it’s in May so May this year the new Star Wars film with Han Solo when he was young will be released in May so yeah lost half your audience there no I think I’ve doubled my audience because lots of people like Star Wars I I reckon by the year 2025 there will be a new Star Wars movie every month I think so so I think by the time 2025 comes I think every month there will be a new Star Wars film god forbid I like Star Wars meditation helps to stop the inner monologue that we have yes you’ve got it Belarus yet Belarus yeah well no monologue Belarus yeah well then yes the inner monologue is the voice that you hear normally you have just one voice and that is your voice your inner monologue hmm constantly we’re going over scenarios going over events of the day and maybe fantasizing about things that haven’t really happened I do a lot of that something happens and an event will happen but my mind will take it off into all sorts of fantasy lands and particularly over conflict with somebody then you go over what you wanted to say why didn’t I say that and your spin off into also and that creates a lot of tension right yes stress yes I thinking I think I think some people are very prone to to having these inner conflicts so the conflicts the conflicts that occur in your mind and normally they relate to things that have happened in the past so maybe an argument that you had with someone maybe a year ago or maybe five years ago and yet this the thing itself is still going around in your head and you think to yourself I wish I had said that I wish I had said that in sted so it’s it’s very easy to let these things take over your mind the brain is very good at recalling past events because it doesn’t know what’s real and what isn’t your mind doesn’t know what’s real and what isn’t only you do yes and so it will if something happens it will present you with wigs similar examples of what happened in the past because it thinks that that’s going to help you deal with whatever is happening now but quite often it doesn’t and it was useful when we were running around in the forest because all we got to really worry about was if we came across a wild animal is that wild animal is safe or isn’t it or is that plant good for us or isn’t but we’re so over stimulated with so many things in today’s environment it’s triggering memories past events all the time and really it’s causing a lot of stress your brain uses a vast amount of energy when it’s doing all this and it could be very exhausting mama Martin my brains using a lot of energy just understanding what you just said so I I think I think the thing is overthinking is bad and not thinking enough is just as bad so it’s very hard to get that brain just in the right place in fact I did a lesson all about memories I don’t know if you’ve seen it but there is a YouTube video on my channel and it’s all about memory it’s very long it’s also very artistic as well so I put a lot of effort into making that particular lesson so yes I’ve made quite a few long full-length lessons on my youtube channel could you say do you speak slower than the average English person no not really some people speak faster than me some people speak slower there isn’t really an average so you might go down the road and you might meet someone who might say hey good morning are you okay yeah nice to see you again yeah I had a good night last night I went out with my friend see so that’s slow or you might meet someone who speaks very quick very fast fast fast ly quickly oh I thought mr.

Was gonna say both correcting you very best I thought you gonna say fastly there’s no such word is fastly quickly yes so they have a very fast pace I think how we’re talking now is fairly average I think this is average really I mean I’m not I’m not trying to speak slowly this is how I normally speak so some people speak very clearly and of course I am an English teacher so it is fair to say that I have to make sure that people can understand me because there is no point there’s no point being an English teacher if the people you are talking to can’t understand you it’s pointless pointless I’m going to bed in a minute mr. Duncan hasn’t tired that’s good okay mr. Steve was going so you want to go off brush my teeth mr. mr. Steve is going to brush his teeth he’s going to what else you gonna do do my pre sleep relaxation so he’s going to have a little meditation before he goes they didn’t mindfulness before he goes to sleep how strange mindfulness because I like to clear my head of all the worries and the events of the day you know in the olden days otherwise I can’t get to sleep you know you know you know about a thousand years ago they used to they used to drill holes in people’s heads because they thought that the problems they were having were evil spirits inside their head so they they used to actually drill holes in their head so so the evil spirits would escape trepanning dream about that tonight they called Oken they call it Trapani Trapani Oh trepanning yes it’s horrible isn’t it so that doesn’t make you something back yes I hope so I mean I need I need that like a hole in the head so I’m going to beat you goodnight and leave mr.

Duncan to wrap I don’t know how much longer he’s gonna go on for but I am going to go and brush my teeth do my pre sleep relaxation mental exercises so that I don’t go to bed with all the worries of the day on my mind doesn’t always work because sometimes I wake up at 4 o clock in the morning worrying about this Saturn the other so until next time I bid you farewell and sleep tight if you’re allowed to go to sleep or if you’d rather wake up then have a lovely day particularly if you’re in Florida that’s going to be nice yes have a nice day on the beach Tata for now ha still I’ve stolen your line there ok bye I think I’ll survive mr.

Steve has gone now what are you trying to crawl mr. Steve mr. Steve has gone and I will go in a minute as well because it is coming up to 20 minutes to midnight yes we are live on YouTube at the moment so for those who have been watching the thanks a lot for joining me I hope you’ve enjoyed tonight it’s been a little different and of course now you know that the computer the new computer is on its way can I once again say thank you to all those who helped with your donations and of course mr. Steve also made a lovely generous donation and of course I also made a donation as well to my own computer fund so the computer is coming next week and I am very happy don’t forget I am here on Sunday Sunday from 2 p.m.

UK time but I won’t be here on the 18th so on the 18th of February I won’t be here but this Sunday I will so I hope that’s cleared that up thank you very much – we shall Thank You vish it’s nice to see you here thank you very much Thank You rose sir Thank You rebby yeah Nicole I’ve just arrived says tsukete I’ve just arrived it’s now it’s now p.m. oh I see so you must be over there in America or maybe South America I think so perhaps Brazil who knows good night mr. Steve mr. Steve has gone his eyes are so little they are I think he’s a bit tired to be honest thank you for today’s livestream Belarusian you are welcome I will see you on Sunday I’m going to bed now because I’m very very tired and I have been standing here for almost one and a half hours so I will see you on Sunday thanks a lot for joining me this is mr.

Duncan in the birthplace of English saying thank you very much for joining me for this very late livestream it is now 20 minutes to midnight here in the UK and I will see you on Sunday p.m. UK time I’m going now of course do you know what’s coming next yes you do… ta ta for now 😎 .

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